From juvenile detention on-call officer to behavioral health counselor to managing the County’s Aging and Long-Term Care Division, Stacey has spent her career advocating for Kitsap County residents of all ages. Stacey is a long-time community volunteer, holding various board positions with local Little League baseball, South Kitsap Football Boosters, and Kitsap Youth Diversion Board. She has also been a mentor for at-risk children and youth throughout the South Kitsap School District. With her background, experience, and passion for our community, Stacey is prepared to bring effective leadership to our county government and ensure everyone has the opportunity to thrive.


Opportunity for All

As the first in her family to graduate from college, Stacey knows the importance of opportunity for all to thrive, whether that means access to educational opportunities, a clean environment, living wage jobs, inclusive housing options, or fair local taxes. With her background in mental health, counseling, community needs assessment, program development, and county administration, Stacey is prepared to advocate for policies that give everyone in our community the opportunity to succeed.


Effective and Efficient Leadership

In her current role, Stacey manages 32 employees and a $5.5 million budget. She has a record of solving local problems for the County’s Division of Aging and Long-Term Care, such as:

  • Co-developing Kitsap County’s 1/10 of one percent sales tax for behavioral health services and therapeutic courts. In 2019, this program designated over $8 million to tackle the unmet behavioral health needs in our community.

  • Developing “Partners in Memory Care” to address the rate of dementia in Kitsap County using funds from the local 1/10th of one percent sales tax. Kitsap was the first county to use this strategy and it has been operating successfully for over three years.

  • Increasing the annual budget 25% (in 5 years) to address the older adult and younger adults with disabilities needs in our community. This additional million dollars of revenue has helped create new programs for caregivers, build the Partner in Memory Care services, and expand existing programs to meet the needs of Kitsap’s Baby Boomers.  

COVID-19 Recovery

As the Director of Kitsap’s Aging and Long Term Care, Stacey has been called upon to provide guidance on the COVID-19 response. She has contributed information to support the rapid response efforts, as well as the long range recovery and planning for a potential second wave. She will prioritize the wellness of our community and small, local businesses in COVID-19 decision-making regarding on-going stability. 


Stacey supports adequately funding and staffing the local, unified Emergency Command Center that handles disaster response and recovery. She supports working in conjunction with local public health, cities, and Tribal governments to ensure everyone in our community has the right to stay healthy during this challenging time. 


Stacey has dedicated time to connecting with small businesses. She recognizes small business employs more people across Kitsap than any other industry. Stacey recognizes and supports that small businesses want to re-open and are asking for clear and concise guidance as Kitsap moves through recovery phases, assistance with repayment of loans to allow them to stay viable, and recognition of their contributions in returning to a stable economy.

Prioritizing Affordable Housing

As a long-time resident of Kitsap County, Stacey understands how difficult it has been for many individuals and families to handle the County’s growing popularity and subsequent lack of affordable housing. She strongly believes that everyone who works in Kitsap County or has lived here for decades should be able to continue doing so. As your County Commissioner, Stacey will prioritize affordable housing and find solutions that ensure working families and people on lower or fixed incomes can continue to call Kitsap County home.


With over 25 years experience working with people from all walks of life, Stacey understands the needs Kitsap County residents face on a daily basis. Stacey’s experience, values, and constituents will be her guide in making meaningful and timely decisions for our county.

"Let's work together to create an even stronger Kitsap County for everyone."

- Stacey Smith


Stacey (Spencer) Smith is a candidate for Kitsap County Commissioner, District 2 (D). She is currently Director of Kitsap County's Division of Aging and Long-Term Care, recently celebrating her 20 year anniversary working for Kitsap County. She is also Board President of the Washington Association of Area Agencies on Aging.

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